ADSeasy: Developing a system for data deposition

Michael Charno (Archaeology Data Service)

Funded by JISC, the SWORD-ARM project enhances the ADS’s ingest process through the creation of the ADSeasy system which streamlines data management, contributes to the creation of more efficient workflows, and allows for more effective project and archive management. Through ADSeasy depositors can more effectively create and manage projects, create project metadata, upload files directly to the ADS, and more effectively capture file-level metadata. An e-licensing system assists in the streamlining of the process, reducing the time interval between deposition, archiving and appearance of data on the website. Responding to the current economic concerns the system incorporates a costing tool which lets depositors evaluate the financial outlay for archiving on a project by project basis, whilst allowing budget control on a file by file basis. This at once passes greater financial control to the depositor, whilst simultaneously allowing much greater transparency on charging policy. Internally, the system is integrated within the existing ADS infrastructure streamlining the archiving process, so that both project and file-level metadata can be uploaded directly to the collections management system. ADSeasy assists in the creation of a more sustainable preservation infrastructure within archaeology and facilitates the development of preservation policies within both the academic and commercial environments. On a day-to-day level ADSeasy allows users much greater control of data throughout the project life, from initial project planning down to final deposition. It is the integration of these facets which makes ADSeasy a significant development within digital preservation.

Video by Doug Rocks-Macqueen, originally posted on his blog.

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