You can purchase your tickets below. We have full tickets and concession tickets for those that can not afford to pay the full price. There is no criteria for concession tickets except for need. If you can not afford the full price then purchase a concession ticket.

If you can not afford any of the tickets please contact us at for a free one.

You can attend one day or both days of the conference and each ticket includes CAAUK membership.

Childcare (Closed)

If you need childcare to attend please contact us right away at we will be helping with childcare support for those that need it to attend the conference.

Group Travel and Bursaries

We are looking to support the travel of groups – University society, companies, just a bunch of friends interested in great archaeology and computing, etc. So again, if you could get in touch with us if there will be several of you traveling and we can see if we can support you. Individuals will be considered too but preference will be given to groups.


Donations help us support bursaries and travel for those who are having financial difficulties.  Please consider donating when purchasing a ticket.

Thank you and we hope to see you in Edinburgh.

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