This is the preliminary schedule for the conference so it is subject to change.


Upper Hall

10:30 am    Registration and Sign Up desk open
11:00 am    Start/House Keeping
11:10 am Keynote 1
11:50 am The Antonine Wall in the Digital Age Patricia Weeks
12:10 pm From patterns to processes: scales, resolutions and tools for the reconstruction of a nomadic landscape in Qatar Gareth Rees
12:30 pm Analysing the use of light and space in Neolithic Malta through the use of custom Unity3D scripting Robert Barratt
12:50 pm Lunch
1:40 pm Start/House Keeping
1:50 pm “Study of the Reconstruction of Buddhist Caves and

the Protection of Landscape in China with BIM”

Yueying Chen
2:10 pm The conservation and management of Historic vessels and the utilisation of 3D data for information modelling Dan Atkinson
2:30 pm Community co-production of 3D rock art models in Scotland Tertia Barnett
2:50 pm Taming the chronology of South Gaulish Samian found at Hadrian’s Wall and the German Limes using Linked Open Data Florian Thiery
3:10 pm Finding mechanisms for a comparative study of Atlantic Rock Art Joana Valdez-Tullett
3:30 pm Tea and Coffee
4:00 pm 3D ‘Scotland in miniature’: digital topography, deep neural networks and approaches to national mapping Dave Cowley
4:20 pm Digital heritage: Practical applications of digital technologies for conservation and asset management of historic sites Joann Russell
4:40 pm The application of precision agricultural techniques to archaeological survey. The NDVI index applied to the study of the Iter XXXIV Roman road in the province of Álava (Spain). Juan Jose Fuldain & Rafael Varon Hernandez
5:00 pm Roman Frontier or Fortified Road? GIS Analysis of the Gask Ridge Kathryn Murphy
5:30 pm Closing
5:30 PM – 6:00pm IMSIG AGM
6:30 pm Reception
8:30 pm Close reception

Lower Hall

11:50 am Visualising and researching complex prehistoric cemetery sites: the Ossi project (Sardinia, Italy) Guillaume Robin
12:10 pm Digging into Early Colonial Mexico: old sources, new approaches Raquel Liceras-Garrido
12:30 pm Rise of the machines: automating photogrammetry for on mass digitisation of objects in archaeology and heritage Richard Benjamin Allen
12:50 pm    Lunch (served in the main hall)
1:50 pm – 3:30 PM FISH session
3:30 pm    Tea and Coffee (served in the main hall)
3:50 pm – 5:30 PM IMSIG Workshop David Andrews, Damien Campbell-Bel,l  Chris Casswell, Eva Farnell, Emily Nimmo Li Sou, Hugh Corley
5:30 PM – 8:30PM IMSIG AGM and CAAUK Social (Main hall)




Upper Hall

09:30 am    Start/House Keeping
09:40 am    Keynote 2
10:20 am VR representation in Archaeology Josh Gaunt
10:40 Am Where imagination fails: New possibilities of presenting the unexcavated Josef Soucek
11:00 AM Demonstrator for data integration Ceri Binding
11:20 AM Filling the Gaps in a Fragmentary Bronze Object: the Contribution of 3D Scanning and Printing Techniques Marine Page
11:40 AM Grave Encounters: Extensive photogrammetric recording on commercial archaeology projects Vijaya Pieterson
12:00 PM Lunch
12:30 PM – 1:00 PM AGM
1:10 PM Start/House Keeping
1:20 PM Social Media in Digital Heritage Research – data extraction, management and analysis Marta Krzyzanska & Chiara Bonacchi
1:40 PM A QGIS plugin to explore landscape connectivity through circuit theory Guillem Domingo
2:00 PM Classifying Digital Research Methods: Linked Ancient World Data in Context Sarah Middle
2:20 PM Offshore Scotland and archaeology: the challenge of big data Stephanie Said
2:40 PM HES▪SIGMA: a new geo-spatial data capture tool for managing the conservation of historic assets Emily A. Tracey
3:00 PM Tea and Coffee
3:30 PM Digital Social Research Methods in Archaeology Lorna Richardson
3:50pm Wemyss Caves 4D: a digital future for the Pictish Wemyss Caves, Fife Scotland Mike Arrowsmith
4:10 PM Quantifying uncertainty on the spread of Neolithic transition using Bayesian models Xavier Rubio-Campillo
4:40 PM Closing


Lower Hall

10:20 am Twenty years after. Challenges and successes in digital archiving. Tim Evans
10:40 Am Adventures in Open Data Peter McKeague & Alex Adamson
11:00 Am “The joys of upgrading!” Or, lessons learned from a simple upgrade. Thomas Cromwell
11:20 Am Interactive data visualizations as a deliverable in commercial archaeology Mano Kapazoglou
11:40 AM Using GIS to Understand Climate Change Risk in the Historic Environment David Harkin
1:20 PM Flexibility and efficiency Karin Lund & Jane Jansen
1:40 PM The Multispectral Desert – Mapping the archaeological landscape with advanced spectral aerial photography Antonio Reis
2:00 PM Bronze Age metalwork and stone axes on the landscape: GIS-based approach to artefact deposition in Estonia Kristiina Paavel
2:20 PM Studying Animal Mummies: An exploration of non-invasive surface and content recording techniques and their application to mummy collections Lee Robert McStein
2:40 PM From Trowel to Headsets: Comparing modes of digital engagement for archaeological sites and their dissemination Alan Miller
3:00 PM Tea and Coffee (served in the main hall)
3:30 pm CIDOC CRM and CRMarchaeo: A vision of use for the ‘future’ Stephen Stead
3:50 PM Inhabit: Data, Immersion and Archaeological Practice Nicole Beale
4:10 PM Integrated data management in commercial Archaeology Rafael Maya-Torcelly





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