CAA-UK2014 AGM Agenda

Annual General Meeting Agenda

Please find below  the draft agenda for the CAA-UK 2014 AGM,  to be held on Saturday, 22nd March 2014, Oxford.

1)    (Draft) Minutes of the CAA-UK2013 Annual General Meeting held on February 23rd 2013, The Old Truman Brewery (London)

2)    Matters arising

3)    Chairperson’s report

4)    Secretary’s report

5)    Treasurer’s report

6)    Constitution:

a)   Status

b)   Membership fees:

i)      Rate

ii)     Purpose

c)    Continuity of officers

i)      Term of office

ii)     Staggered elections

7)    Website – domain and hosting

8)    Election of officers[1]

The present Chairperson, Jessica Ogden, is eligible for re-election, has agreed to stand.

The present Secretary, John Pouncett, is eligible for re-election, has agreed to stand.

The present Treasurer, Stuart Eve, is eligible for re-election, but has decided not to stand.

9)    CAA-UK2015  – Presentation of bid

10)   CAA-UK2016 and beyond – Bids are invited for 2016.

11)    Any other business

[1]     Nominations for all of the above posts are invited and should be received in writing by the Secretary at least four hours before the AGM.

Members wishing to vote for a named candidate, venue or for/against a motion can nominate a proxy. A proxy may be a member of the committee or another member of CAA-UK. A proxy may be registered with the Secretary by post or by hand up to two hours before the AGM. An unregistered proxy will be considered void. Instructions may be issued to a proxy, and committee members undertake to act in good faith when executing such instructions.


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