Registration and the Waitlist

Due to overwhelming interest in CAAUK 2013 – our registrations have sold out in less than 2 weeks. Needless to say, this is really exciting for the organisers and CAAUK committee!

We are now in the process of looking into whether or not we can increase our capacity and issue a few additional spaces to the conference. If you have not yet registered and are still interested, we have enabled a waitlist on Eventbrite to allow you to register your interest. The waitlist is first come, first serve but by putting yourself on the list: you will be immediately notified when additional spaces become available during which *Eventbrite will reserve your spot for 2 days* until you complete registration.

Put your name on the waitlist now

If you do not see an option on the Eventbrite page for the waitlist, this means the waitlist is full. We are keeping a low cap on the waitlist as we have reached our capacity at the venue. However, as it turns out some people are giving up their tickets for other obligations, so there’s still hope yet! The waitlist will automatically open if we have spots, so keep yourselves at the ready! Of course, if you are very, very interested in coming you can always just email us and we will keep an eye out for you!

To keep informed, please monitor our News feed, Facebook event page or Twitter stream on the latest updates to the organisation of CAAUK 2013.

2 Responses to Registration and the Waitlist

  1. Stuart Jeffrey says:

    Can’t seem to find the wait list on the Eventbrite page, I really looked hard for it too. Possibly missing something obvious?

    • Jessica Ogden says:

      Hi Stuart – the waitlist is temporarily closed as it’s full to our maximum of 5 people. We will be opening up a couple of spaces in the next day or so. I can email you when it’s open again if that suits! Hope you decide to come!

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